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Analey was born on July 22nd, 19 years before debuting with the Crumpets. She is sweet, caring, and giving by nature. Analey is a lead vocalist and fashion director for the Crumpets. She can also play the piano and flute. She is fluent in Russian, English, and speaks some Korean. She was born in another country with little in the way of a birth family; her situation was quite difficult and becoming a Looking-Glass student probably saved her from a very harsh life. Speaking of life-saving, just before moving to Zeitgeist, Analey saved an elderly woman from being struck by a car that was skidding out of control on an icy street.

Crumpet Trivia: Analey loves bubblegum and is a notorious bubble blower, who is constantly forgetting to get rid of her gum when she needs to sing.