Kari was born on October 6th, 19 years before debuting with the Crumpets. She is a balanced, fun, and warm person, although she can be a bit cheeky at times. She is the Crumpets’ anchor; i.e., their jack-of-all-trades. She performs most of the rap/spoken word bits, is the Crumpets’ lyrics director, and can play the guitar. Kari is fluent in both Korean and English, and has a good grasp on many other Asian languages. Being a Looking-Glass student is a serious commitment for Kari—she was born in another country, where her family still lives, so she is very far from home. Fortunately she loves to fly, and in fact, is even a licensed small airplane pilot.

Crumpet Trivia: Kari is terrified of bugs; when she sees one, she freaks out and goes medieval on them.

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